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An Affordable, Clean‑Energy Future for Everyone, Everywhere

Our Mission

The ARC Generator

Alpha Tech's game-changing Micro Molten Salt Reactor design (a.k.a. ARC Generator) offers significant benefits.

Inherently Safe: The 12 MWe, fluoride salt, Uranium (LEU) fueled ARC Generator has multiple layers of safety features. The ARC Generator does not require high pressure to prevent coolant from boiling off. In fact, even though it operates at around 700°C, the salt coolant cannot get hot enough to boil. If the ARC Generator loses power, the fuel salt freezes, safely containing fission products.

Reliable Carbon-Free Energy: Nuclear provides more than 50% of carbon-free electricity in the U.S. and operates 24/7. The ARC Generator can provide continuous output for reliable non-stop electricity where shortages aren’t an option.

Flexible: The ARC Generator has the added feature of flexibility. It can combine with renewables such as wind and solar – adding power to the grid when the wind isn’t blowing or the sun isn’t shining but diverting heat for other purposes when it is – ensuring we are getting the most from all of our carbon-free energy resources.

Transportable: The ARC Generator is highly modular, delivering 12MWe continuous output from a single unit or combining multiple units for higher capacity, either in an existing electrical grid, or in a standalone system. The reactor core and shielding can be transported by semi-truck virtually anywhere in a secure container, making it as suitable for a city grid as a remote area – making it possible to bring affordable power to virtually everyone, everywhere. The ARC Generator is an ideal solution to bring reliable power to historically underserved areas.

Low-Cost, Reliable Energy

For a technology to serve as a cornerstone for our green energy future, it must deliver a reliable supply of energy. It must also be competitive on cost, if not the low-cost leader.

Given the LCOE potential of our MSR design and the other benefits noted above, we believe the case for Alpha Tech's success is extremely compelling. For more information, and for additional details, please contact us.

Hybrid Technology Uses

The ARC Generator will produce both electricity and heat -- upwards of 700°C -- at low cost. Subject to license approval by the NRC, this will open the door to numerous opportunities for hybrid reactors with multiple revenue streams, including:

  • Green hydrogen
  • Water desalination
  • Manufacturing
  • Magnesium production
  • Coal pyrolysis
  • Coal gasification
  • Shale oil production
  • ...and many more.

Salt Processing

Alpha Tech has developed a novel Continuous Electrochemical Extraction (CELEX) process that can efficiently convert nuclear waste into valuable products, including rare earth elements, medical isotopes, industrial isotopes, precious metals, and new fuel for advanced reactors. CELEX is an electrochemical, chemical, and pyroprocessing system with the flexibility to accept waste from both light water reactors and advanced metal and salt reactors. With appropriate approval and licensing, CELEX can close the fuel cycle to offer a truly clean and green circular economy.

All forward looking statements regarding manufacturing, timing and cost are subject to close coordination and final approval from the NRC and other relevant U.S. regulatory agencies.