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Our Mission: Reliable, Clean Energy & Freedom From Fossil Fuels

Nuclear power plants offer the best path to freedom from fossil fuels.

First, they can generate massive amounts of power from small amounts of fuel. A single uranium pellet, smaller the end of your little finger, can generate as much electricity as:

Our MSR design will be fueled with thorium, which has similar energy potential. And, unlike the fossil fuels listed above, nuclear power generates no greenhouse gas emissions.

Second, nuclear provides a complete solution. Unlike solar and wind power, there is no need for storage batteries or the use of backup generation methods for when the sun isn't shining or the wind isn't blowing.

An added benefit of MSR technology over traditional nuclear solutions is the ability to load follow unpredictable energy sources like wind and solar, providing additional stability to the electric grid.

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Photo credit: Coal-fired power plant by Tony Webster.