Alpha Tech Research Corp

Our Mission: Make Utah a Leader in Energy Production

With the rise of Molten Salt Reactors, the State of Utah is ideally situated to become a leader in electric power production. Utah contains vast supplies of materials required by MSRs.

Land and workforce conditions in Utah are ideal for locating MSR plants.

Because they are salt cooled rather than water cooled, MSRs are ideal for dry climates. And MSRs can help address Utah's air quality issues. Additionally, Utah's and Idaho's universities, and Idaho National Lab, offer some of the world's experts in these areas of research.

If you share our vision and want to get involved with people who can make the next generation of clean, safe nuclear power a reality, contact us, and let's discuss how you can help create the future of electric power generation.

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Photo credit: Bonneville Salt Flats by Don Ramey Logan.